PDI Construction

Since our inception we have completed hundreds of sophisticated projects. Every new project undertaken is carefully planned and prepared by carefully selected and trained professionals.


We treat each project with a unique opportunity to utilize the talent the expertise at PDI Construction. Over the years we have grown into company that provides a wide range of specialized services. We will work with you to bring visions into reality.

How We Stand Out


24 / 7 Emergency Service

Whether it is burst pipe or leaking roof, PDI is on staff 24 hours to help you with your emergency needs.

Certified Professionals

For all our specialty service offerings we hire and select the best trained and certified professionals.

Innovative Process

PDI is known for it’s innovative process of using the latest methods to solve complex problems.

Giving Back

We are proud sponsors of multiple charities and implement programs helping the community and enviornment.

15+ Years of Experience

The team at PDI is an amazing combination of highly skilled and talented individuals with 15 years experience in various industries.

Industry Leaders

Every year we set the bar higher. Tackling new projects from a strategic vantage point.

Our Numbers


Condominium Served

Commercial Plaza Served

Office Buildings