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Flat Roof Replacement

Re-roof, recovery, and restoration systems are appropriate for roofs that can no longer be repaired through regular maintenance, are showing signs of serious deterioration, or are regularly leaking.

Re-roofing a flat roof, or the full-elimination of the existing roof system, involves removal of the roof surface, roof membrane, and roofing insulation from the roof deck substrate.

Roof Recovering of a flat roof entails roofers covering an existing roof system with a new roof membrane. This process requires inspection of the existing roof membrane / substrate and verification of weight requirements prior to the new roof membrane being installed.

Restoring a flat roof involves installing liquid applied reinforced membranes to the existing roofing system. Certain conditions must exist for a roof to qualify to be restored. Conditions such as attachment, surfacing, and age are all taken in consideration before a retro-fit is recommended.

Our Services and Process are comprised of :

• Leak investigation
• On-site and laboratory testing and analysis
• Structural evaluation
• Document review
• Waterproofing consultation
• Repair/replacement/rehabilitation design
• Maintenance planning
• Materials selection and specification
• Contract administration and project oversight

Why PDI?

Access to the best roofing materials.

  We recruit conscientious, dedicated team members, train them well and make sure they have the skills to do top-quality work

Flat Roof Emergency Services

We perform roof repair and maintenance on any size or type of commercial roof. Our service technicians are specially trained in emergency repair, comprehensive roof inspections, and cost-effective repair solutions for all commercial roofing systems.

One of the techniques we apply are Roof flashings – thin, inflexible pieces of material that block moisture from leaking through commercial roofing systems. Roof flashings are designed and manufactured to accommodate varying temperatures, from extreme cold to sweltering heat. Some materials that are commonly used in the production of roof flashing include: 

  • Metal sheet flashing
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic
  • Composite materials

Why PDI?

Infrared Thermography Inspections Detect and Document Roof Moisture Problems.

  Emergency repairs to all types of flat commercial roofing and flat industrial roofing system