Equipped with State-of-the-Art Video Camera Inspection for Catch Basin & Drain Pipes.

High Pressure Drain Pipe Cleaning

Our state of the art high-pressure drain pipe and sewer system cleaning services can clean all sorts of obstructions including grease, sludge, sand and debris. Our services are unique as we offer free video inspection and analysis for each drain system helping to pin point the exact location of obstruction. You will obtain the most accurate expectation of each job required.

Why PDI?

 Free Video Inspection Report

  High Power Hydro Jets utilize extreme pressure from 3,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI

Catch Basin, Area Drain & Ramp Drain Cleaning

Not cleaning Catch Basins can lead to parking lot flooding, backups and hazards. Protect your business and industrial property by having any debris and buildup removed from Catch basins and Drains. Our Professionals will clean each Catch Basin, Area Drain & Ramp Drains using our unique special build and engineered low profile vacuum trucks for any complications for underground parking with sharp turn and overhead. “We can fit and go anywhere.” If you are running a business, it is more cost effective to have regular cleaning than wait for something to go wrong.

Why PDI?

 Equipped with powerful vacuum trucks with custom adaption for any Catch Basin

  Free Video Camera inspection to oversee sludge and debris build up



Not cleaning drain pipes can lead to devastating losses and expenses. Over time pipes accumulate sludge, debris and reduce water flow, if not properly cleaned that accumulation of stagnant water and debris will cause back flow pressure and in the winter will cause pipes to freeze and expand which lead to cracks and damage.

Estimated average repair cost from content damage due to leakage is $40,000. Yearly Maintenance of General Clean up for Underground Drains : Average budget is $3500.

Elevator, Sanitary & Storm Sump Pit Cleaning

We offer a complete cleaning services for Elevator, Sanitary and Storm Sump Pits. Our Services consist of the following:

Concrete repair Concrete sealing

Complete pump outs Cleanings and wash-downs

Mold removal Disinfecting and deodorizing

Why PDI?

 Full Scope Cleaning Services

  Our Low Height Profile Trucks are equipped with the most powerful Vacuums



Parking Garage Cleaning Services

Our top-class parking lot cleaning team owns and maintains industry leading cleaning equipment on-site, ensuring we control the quality of our service from beginning to end. We handle complete parking garage cleaning that takes the sanitation and appearance needs of your unique business seriously. We offer a complete array of services :

  • Dust and clean all overhead pipes
  • Pre-treat and degrease oil stains
  • Pressure Clean floors columns and walls
  • Detail handrails and mirrors
  • Scrub, sweep, and vacuum all residue
  • Parking spaces
  • Entrance ramps
  • Pillars
  • Walls
  • Exhaust fans
  • Oil stain removal



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