Masonry/precast repair

Masonry, brick, and precast are often used in designer projects since they bring aesthetic value and a unique touch to the overall look. Like any other surface and material, it needs timely maintenance, to ensure presentability and structural soundness.

Quality brick repair projects involve a lot of knowledge and experience, so repairs are almost seamless. When maintenance is required, it can be addressed in two ways: full replacement (if the material is seriously damaged by weather conditions and other factors), or tuckpointing for damaged brick and mortar. Tuckpointing is a better technique than simple mortar repair since it helps improve the aesthetic while keeping the project within a lower budget.

Our expert masons will find the right brick colors, textures, and sizes to match your existing bricks. We not only fix the brick damage, we protect the area from future damage and erosion by ensuring water is draining away from the affected area and not sitting on the surface. PDI offers a wide range of services within this area of expertise, including but not limited to: brick repair, brick replacement, mortar joint repair, tuckpointing, and masonry foundation repair.

PDI can fix such issues now and prevent them in the future.

Window/door replacement

When windows and doors age, they become drafty, hard to operate, and may even develop mold. These old or damaged windows and doors make your home unsafe, as well as negatively impact its energy efficiency. Window replacement is an effective means to decrease heating and cooling costs. And new doors will provide you with security and safety for your home.

Depending on the condition of the windows or doors that require attention, there are two approaches: full replacement or partial.

Full replacement is conducted when there is a lot of damage to the structure and material. With this approach window glass, frame, and sash are removed and replaced.

Partial replacement is a less invasive and cost-effective approach, it leaves the frame intact but covers it with a panning system or trim. The old window is then replaced with a new window, which is installed into the renovated existing panning system.

PDI conducts all types of replacements and always choose the best quality products within a price range that is acceptable to the customer.

Metal cladding replacement

Metal sheet cladding is a popular type of outside covering has been around for years. It can be made of a variety of materials and does an excellent job of protecting both the inside and outside of a building. Apart from providing structural protection, clean, neat, and shiny metal cladding vastly improves the visual appeal of a building. Metal cladding is an excellent choice for both protection and bringing aesthetic value; however, due to the constant exposure to wind, snow, rain, and sunshine it requires timely and professional maintenance.

Depending on the condition of the metal sheets, there are two methods: cleaning and replacement.

Cleaning is a sufficient solution for stained, dirty, or spoiled metal cladding sheets.

While full replacement is used in a more complicated situation when only removal and brand-new installation can ensure that there is no underlying damage to the building that coating or cleaning might fail to reveal. Additionally, this method can definitely add some value to the property through improved visual appeal.

PDI offers high-quality workmanship at the lowest budget possible. Contact now to schedule an initial inspection.

Balcony restoration

A balcony is a great way to enjoy outdoor space in a busy city. Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, balconies added value to a property and for the majority of the tenants were a decisive factor in choosing one property over the other. Now, with the implementation of social distancing rules, they have become a vital part of the mental and emotional wellbeing of the residents.

Due to the essence of their nature, balconies are constantly exposed to the weather, and the Canadian climate causes them to receive a significant amount of damage. Furthermore, structural damage can also occur in cases of a house fire or some natural disaster, such as earthquakes.

In order to prevent destruction beyond repair and ensure the safety of everyone who accesses the balcony, timely and professional maintenance is of vital importance. Moreover, a damaged balcony can result in an unsightly appearance of the entire building.

PDI has a team of highly skilled professionals, offering a range of services for balcony restoration and reconstruction, including but not limited to:

  • Flashing and Waterproofing Systems
  • Waterproof Deck Coatings
  • Drain Systems
  • Balcony Slab Repair
  • Wear Surface Replacement
  • Handrail Repair and Replacement

Contact PDI Construction today to schedule an initial inspection and we will be able to provide you with overall assessment and detailed engineering assessment of the concrete structure.

EIFs repairs and replacement

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and their type – Stucco, is a relatively new cladding system that combines a finish with a layer of exterior insulation. Such a technique provides continuous insulation by design, allowing architects the design flexibility and aesthetics they require while helping to meet the new energy codes. However, like anything else in the building they require timely servicing.

PDI offers a wide range of services for EIFs maintenance, including but not limited to:

  • Application;
  • Repair;
  • Painting.

PDI offers high-quality workmanship at the lowest budget possible. We always utilize only the best quality material. Contact now to schedule an initial inspection. Our offers include supply, installation, and service components.

Caulking replacement

Over time, any building even if constructed with the premium quality materials develops cracks, which can jeopardize the soundness of the structure, waterproofness, and temperature insulation. Caulking provides water, shrink and crack-proof closure to building openings. Such major projects as calking replacement requires a team of experienced professionals.

To achieve the best results, it is vital not just to apply the correct technique, but also to choose the appropriate type of material. Application of the inappropriate material can result in shrinkage and cracking over time, allowing gaps for air and water to seep through and lead to water damage, mold growth, and higher energy bills due to the damaged insulation. Timely and professional maintenance can save you time, nerves, and money.

PDI Construction provides caulking replacement services for commercial, industrial, multi-residential, and apartment buildings. We always use exclusively approved caulking and fire stopping materials, warranted by the material manufacturers and suppliers.

PDI offers a wide range of maintenance services for interior and exterior caulking, including but not limited to the following:

Interior caulking:

  • Removal and replacement of existing caulking.
  • Silicone building sealants.
  • Horizontal floor joints.
  • Expanding foam sealants.
  • Fire-rated sealants.

Exterior caulking:

  • Window wall.
  • Storefront and curtain wall.
  • Control and expansion joints.
  • Precast walls and ceilings.
  • Stucco.
  • Siding, molding & exterior trim.
  • Hollow metal doors and frames.
  • Balconies.
  • Vents and pipes.

We are determined to find the best solution for your budget and provide quality work. Please contact us to schedule a proper inspection.