Post-flood restoration

Unfortunately, floods are not an uncommon occurrence and can produce quite significant damage to your property. Alongside the damage to drywall and flooring, there is often other deficiencies present (furniture, decor details, etc.)

PDI Construction team, consisting of various specialists will comprehensively restore all the damage occurred due to flood.

Lobby/corridor refurbishment

Research shows that the majority of the residents consider the interior common elements of the building a part of their home and it means a lot to them how neat and appealing they present. Therefore, it is very important to renovate those areas in a timely manner.

Lobby and/or corridor refurbishment is a complex and ambitious project, involving various professional teams (electrical, drywall, design, etc.). PDI Construction offers an all-in-one solution, where our combined team of experts conducts the entire project. Our process consists of the following phases:

Phase 1: Initial meeting to determine the scope of work.

Phase 2: Prepare budget pricing based on drawings and design available within the scope of work.

Phase 3: Work with the board, design committee, and management using selected materials and cost consideration to determine appropriate design.

Phase 4: Determine the start date. Using a phasing approach provides an estimated time of completion.

Phase 5: Assign a full-time project manager and staff based on the scope of work and schedule requirements; coordinate trades, material orders, and deliveries. Maintain ongoing communications, announcements, and inform residents at various phases of the renovations. Schedule inspection with the board, design committee, and management to review new finished design and installations.

PDI offers high-quality workmanship at the lowest budget possible. Contact now to schedule an initial inspection.

Interior suite/unit renovation

PDI Construction will gladly take care of your home, no matter if it needs just a touch up here and there or you are planning a major update. Our team of attentive and diligent professionals will provide you with high-quality workmanship at the lowest possible budget while utilizing only the best quality material. PDI offers a wide range of services for in suite renovations and repair maintenance, including but not limited to:

  • Handymen services;
  • Drywall: patching, sanding;
  • Flooring: tile installation & repair services, laminate floor installation & repairs, wood floor installation & repairs;
  • Painting: wall painting, painting and decorating, painting ceilings, faux painting & trim painting;

Contact PDI Construction today to find out more details.