Due to its nature, the construction process is never easy and may invoke a lot of anxiety in owners and tenants. Therefore, to ease your worries and answer your possible questions, here we would like to tell you a little more about our process of common area refurbishment. Four your convenience we divided it into 5 logical phases:

Phase 1

Initial meeting to determine scope of work;

Phase 2

Prepare budget pricing based on drawings and design available in scope of work. The pricing may vary significantly depending on what kind of broadloom, wallcovering, suite doors, and hardware were chosen. As a rule, PDI offers a could of options in a different price range;

Phase 3

Work with the board, design committee and management using selected materials and cost consideration to determine an appropriate design;

Phase 4

Determine start date. Using a phasing approach provide estimated time of completion, create a detailed schedule;

Phase 5

Assign full-time project manager and stuff based on scope of work and schedule requirements. Coordinate trades, material orders and deliveries. Maintaining ongoing communications, announcements, and informing residents at various phases of the renovations. Schedule inspection with board, design committee and management to review new finished design and installations.